“I’ve worked with Ralph Cissne for almost 20 years and his Morgan Road team has helped me launch two successful companies, creating cost-effective marketing programs that immediately established strong leadership positioning for our brands. From communications and media strategy to advertising and public relations campaigns, their fitness industry knowledge, turn-key development skills and follow through made huge contributions to our success.”

Tony Garcia
President and Founder, MYE Entertainment Inc.


“I’ve known Ralph since 1976. We’ve worked together throughout our careers and shared many significant accomplishments. He’s a deep thinking, introspective, multi-faceted soul who is intelligent, witty, and uniquely expressive with words spoken and written. He’s intuitive, resourceful, imaginative, insightful, organized, intense and funny! He’s highly disciplined and has an exceptional work ethic. He’s an excellent problem solver because he digs in, gets past the obvious, and sees things differently. Ralph lives life to a very high standard and makes a point to surround himself with good people he can count on to produce. He delivers bright creative concepts rooted in sound strategy and then makes sure they’re executed flawlessly.”

Bruce Anderson
Strategic Planning & Business Management Consultant, Revenue Hunter & Business Chiropractor


“I can say many great things about Morgan Road and the professional marketing and design work they have provided for me over the years. Their work is exceptional. They have a great attitude and a businesslike approach to the creative process. Ralph Cissne’s knowledge and experience make a big difference in the integrity of the ideas and how the final program comes together. Our business continues to grow and that is ultimately how best to judge the quality and success of the relationship we have.”

John Chalk
President and Founder, eFit Financial, Inc.


“For the last 20 years Ralph Cissne has helped develop my business as a yoga school. I particularly appreciate Ralph’s sensitivity to our business objectives and recognition of the proper approach for our marketing, advertising and program design. I value our relationship and trust his perspective and instincts. Working with Morgan Road has expanded my business and helped to improve the quality of something I am very passionate about.”

Leeann Carey
Founder, Leeann Carey Yoga


“Ralph is a consummate marketing professional. Specifically he is able to understand the big picture of company vision and create a marketing plan and strategy while at the same time keeping his eye on the small details that are the hallmarks of effective marketing and communications. His ability to perceive and project the complex ideas of our project in an extremely efficient, cost-effective, and highly effective manner really impressed me. His firm delivers the highest value of any marketing firm I have worked with to date.”

Greg Mauer
Director of Education at reACT Fitness


“I have worked with Ralph Cissne for over 20 years. In both the corporate environment, as publisher of a national trade publication, and as an entrepreneur with my own business, I have used Morgan Road and referred them to many of my clients and business associates. This point is extremely pertinent as I pride myself on helping others and am extremely careful when referring vendors. Morgan Road has always provided me, and those companies I referred, with high quality marketing and design services, excellent guidance and service and all at an extremely fair and competitive price. I highly recommend Morgan Road for all of your marketing needs!”

David H. Levy
Big Kid Collectibles


“Ralph Cissne has been a real friend and asset to MicroFit, Inc. His creative direction helped to launch our early sales and marketing efforts. He was the perfect choice for us because he realized our limited resources and always delivered far more than expected. Because of his understanding of our industry, as well as his creative genius, I can wholeheartedly recommend Ralph to any company seeking his assistance.”

Rob Rideout
Vice President of Sales, MicroFit, Inc